Community Service

Giving back to others for what we have is one of our most important values. A complete education is one that seeks understanding of others in different life circumstances from our own. Our students have had a long tradition of being involved in helping the neighboring communities. All students must complete at least 70 hours of community service as part of their social studies and graduation requirements.

As you are aware, Indian Hill requires that all of our students put volunteerism into practice in order to make an impact in the community.  Community Service has already been very successful with other schools, with students completing thousands of hours of volunteering and learning valuable life lessons along the way.

Every student needs to complete 70 hours of service before graduation.  To be considered for National Honor Society students need additional hours of service: sophomores need 30 hours (includes the 10 freshman and the 10 sophomore hours). NHS Junior candidates need 50 hours (includes the 10 freshman, 10 for sophomore, and 20 junior hours). Contact NHS advisor Mrs. Imrie for details.

Make sure you complete the Outside Community Service Verification Evaluation Form  and have the non-profit organization sign it to confirm your hours. Please submit forms to  Mrs. Mendoza, Community Service Coordinator, in the HS Media Center.

What are White vs. Red hours?
Student service hours are classified as white or red. Red hours include things like helping with a school event, religious education activities at your church or synagogue, timing a track or swim meet, coaching neighborhood sports or selling concessions at a football game. These hours are often performed within the Indian Hill community or your own neighborhood and provide valuable support to your local community.

White hours benefit people outside your local community and/or provide broader experiences that help in understanding societal problems and the role of the non-profit sector. Hours are counted as white only if the organization is a charity or non-profit. Ideally, these are meaningful experiences that should expose you to new people and places and help you learn more about community needs beyond your own school and neighborhood. They are usually performed for a social service agency like the Free Store Food Bank, Matthew 25 Ministries or Ronald McDonald House, to name just a few examples.

Students may submit up to five red hours each year, and the rest must be white hours. Students may perform all their hours as white hours, and many students go beyond the yearly requirement.

Any community service performed in the summer months must be submitted to Mrs. Mendoza by October 1. All community service hours must be completed and by early May (check Blackboard for exact dates). Hours needed are: grades 9 and 10— 10 hours; grade 11— 20 hours; grade 12— 30 hours.  Again, National Honor Society members need additional hours.

Students who do not complete the required hours of community service by the deadline will receive an “I” or incomplete, for social studies for the year; this incomplete is changed only when the community service hours have been fulfilled. Not all work performed by students for free qualifies as community service under our service-learning program. It is very important for all students and parents to understand the Indian Hill community service requirement and the classifications of qualified and regular hours before beginning work towards earning service hours.

Parents and students should also understand that students who wait to turn in all their
service hours at the deadline in May are risking earning an incomplete for the year in social studies if hours are not submitted to the Community Service Coordinator.

There is extensive information on the community service requirement on Blackboard, including a list of pre-approved non-profits and service agencies. To see more community service opportunities, you can also check out the BLACKBOARD  High School Community Service Course. For questions, email the Community Service Coordinator Mrs. Mendoza 
or call 272-4601.

​(Modified March 1, 2017)

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